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What Was It Known As?

The Ford Mustang of the late ’60s was a superb automobile, nevertheless it wasn’t competitive velocity-sensible with the Corvette and Hydraulic solution Firebird that GM was producing. The 1970 Mustang Mach 1 became the primary in a protracted line of efficiency Mustangs hashed out by Ford. Upgrades included a heavier-responsibility suspension, a shaker hood for cooling and bits of teak wooden in the dash. The Mach 1 was given a drastic redesign in 1971, giving it a extra muscular and aerodynamic shape. The final ’70s-era Mach 1 was produced in ’78, and it wasn’t provided once more until a very quick stint within the ’03 and ’04 model years.

But on the Thunderbird, a section of the roof’s broad sail panel prolonged into what would have been window space and opened with the door, creating an much more shut-coupled appearance. The standard vinyl top and landau bars helped camouflage the lower line. And the Thunderbird’s frameless door glass closed towards a slim middle pillar. The Continental’s mixture of reverse-hinged doors and pillarless building had been “nothing but bother,” mentioned Halderman, and Ford engineers had no need to repeat the expertise.

At first, all welding within the physique store was executed manually. “Later on,” Buschman continued, “we got a a number of-head robotic that did a bit of the welding, however the bulk of it was nonetheless finished manually. The final line in the body shop was the metal finish line, where all the major elements have been hung by hand. Whereas one particular person would hold the door, for instance, another would be bolting it on. But all the metallic finishing was finished very meticulously.

Alas, the Austin-Healey a hundred Six was a disappointment in its first yr or so of production. Considerably heavier than the 100/4 (2435 pounds vs. 2150), it not solely felt but was less lively. It didn’t appear to handle as nicely either, and by some means got here off as less of a sports automotive than its predecessors.

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