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A Farm Woman’s Perspective

That farm woman would be me; a small town, farm grown girl, now small town farm wife and mother. There is a lot to be said about the benefits of being raised on a farm but I recall as a child always wanting to live in town, and my town friends wanted to be on the farm. The same can be said for our kids as they were growing up, but obviously there have always been pros and cons to both urban and rural living. Change is one guarantee we have in life and farming has surely experienced its share over the years, most of which has not been positive. So, what is it that keeps the diehards pushing forward? Perseverance? Stubbornness? Love of the land? No options? Debt?

I have the opportunity of joining my husband on coffee row with the farmers once in a while and I guess I have gained a new perspective as well as some knowledge. I see beyond ‘coffee row’ now. If you treasured this article and you would like to get more info with regards to agenzia di comunicazione industria meccanica nicely visit our web site. It is such a melding place of farmers from the area who all carry their different farming practices and opinions into one room, at the same table, sharing a common ground; camaraderie at its finest!

What I see in a morning of coffee talk mostly revolves around the farming issues, but once in a while the topic drifts into space. I have noticed though, that the language adjusts a little when one of the women joins the table. Now, who ever said there is no respect these days? What I also see/hear is a sharing of stories, or experiences, or an attempt to solve government issues, vent about taxes, grain prices, wheat board, CAIS, AIDA or politicians. Sometimes conversation is in French, at which time I send my brain elsewhere, sometimes it is in English but it seems to me that the conclusion is not reached one way or another. I have heard comments like, ‘just bring back the crow’, or ‘I am sick of fixing old junk’ or ‘I guess the rain is good for next year’ or ‘ can I give you a hand this afternoon?’ or the detailed description about the latest inventions in someone’s shop! (At this point, us women cannot fake comprehension!)

On these mornings I hear a lot of laughter, oh so good for the pessimistic soul. Sometimes the pessimist accidentally sits with the optimistic. Then you have your more experienced farmers making it clear that these new modern technologies are for the birds and the young farmers make it known that these old farts are behind the times, but all in good fun. Even the retired farmers can keep farming by joining coffee row.

In recent weeks, I have heard anything from swearing at old machinery to grain price outlook, fuel prices, to rotten weather, risk of frost and late crops. These are just a few things they deal with year after year, but they keep coming back and so do I, as I try to figure out what keeps these guys farming and somewhat positive. There even seems to be some of the old ‘bartering’ or ‘horse-trading’ going on, whether it be machinery, favors, product or manpower. It appears to me that if they came there in a dilemma, they will leave with some sound advice, some physical help, or a better outlook just from the good conversation. If nothing else, the caffeine will keep them going till lunchtime.

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